Mitchell Hansen

Kirkland, WA

Hardcopy CV



C++ and assoc. tech 3 yrs

  • C++11
  • The Standard Library
  • Compiling and linking
  • CMake & Make

2d and 3d graphics / math

  • OpenGL
  • SFML
  • Raycasting
  • Volumetric rendering, Octrees


Source control (Git) 2 yrs

C# and Java 2 yrs

Unity 3D (C#)

Development Environments

  • *nix, vim, and gdb
  • Windows and VS
  • *nix and JetBrains IDE's

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript 1 yr
  • Python & Flask 1 yr
  • AWS, Appengine
  • Google Analytics, Domainr
  • Canvas, Jquery
  • MYSQL, BigQuery, Cloud SQL

Other Links

Relevant Work Experience

Software Engineer / Espial Inc.
July 2017 - Present
Web Development Intern / Donuts Inc.
June 2016 - September 2016

Created multiple sites using the full web stack, running Flask on Google's Appengine in the backend. Includes a link shortener, internal web page, and a domain lookup landing page.


Graphics, GPGPU, Algorithms, etc.
Voxel Raycaster

Hardware accelerated (OpenCL) implementation of the Fast Voxel Traversal algorithm (Woo). Also features an implementation of Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees (Laine). Custom camera, game logic, rendering loop, Blinn-Phong lighting, shadowing, texturing, TCP streaming Android controller, and more.

Mathematical Optimization

Implementation of 15 optimization test suite functions, and 9 popular mathematical optimization algorithms

Project Euler

Solutions to a couple dozen Project Euler problems using Python


Central Washington University
2012 - March 2017

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Non-Relevant Work Experience

Waiter, Cook / The Palace Cafe
2010 - June 2016