Mitchell Hansen

Kirkland, WA

Hardcopy CV



Fast learner, polyglot, strong desire to deliver

C++ and associated tech

  • C++11
  • STL
  • Compilers, linkers, debuggers
  • CMake & Make


2d and 3d graphics / math

  • OpenGL
  • SFML
  • Raycasting, Dynamic lighting
  • Volumetric rendering, Octrees

Java, JSPS

Git / Perforce

Comfortable with most mainstream OS's and toolchains

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Python & Flask
  • AWS, Appengine
  • Google Analytics
  • Canvas, JQuery
  • MYSQL, BigQuery, Cloud SQL

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Relevant Work Experience

Software Engineer / Espial Inc.
July 2017 - Present

At Espial I initially applied my knowledge of embedded products and C/C++ to hunt for bugs in a legacy set-top-box C++ codebase. I also aided in maintenance of the test automation framework for said codebase. I later pivoted to another role in the cloud services team, in which we performed all the engineering required for maintaining and developing a large IPTV SaaS solution. This included bug fixes, feature work, automation (test&build), releases, and if we were unlucky, cm and ops.

Web Development Intern / Donuts Inc.
June 2016 - September 2016

At Donuts I received a crash course in agile development and general software practices. I had up to this point been a pure C/C++ programmer with occasional spats of C#. Donuts operated on a HTML + python + Google Cloud stack which was completely new for me, and forced me out of my comfort zone. I credit this for strengthening my ability to pivot between languages, frameworks, and environments.

i.e I wrote a bunch of Google Cloud microservices and tools


Graphics, GPGPU, Algorithms, etc.
Voxel Raycaster

Hardware accelerated (OpenCL) implementation of the Fast Voxel Traversal algorithm (Woo). Also features an implementation of Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees (Laine). Custom camera, game logic, rendering loop, Blinn-Phong lighting, shadowing, texturing, TCP streaming Android controller, and more.

Mathematical Optimization

Implementation of 15 optimization test suite functions, and 9 popular mathematical optimization algorithms

Project Euler

Solutions to a couple dozen Project Euler problems using Python


Central Washington University
2012 - March 2017

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science